Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video - Important Information for the Class

    1. Creating Content Pillars for your Business

    2. Creating a Content Plan Using AI

    3. How Often to Post & When

    4. KPI Setting & Tracking

    5. KPI & Engagement Boost Strategies

    6. Community Management

    7. Setting up a brand kit & brand templates in Canva

    8. Using the Amplified Social Post Spreadsheet

    9. Scheduling content using Meta Business Suite

    1. Creating a Text-Overlay Reel

    2. Creating a Design in Canva

    3. Creating an Instagram Story with Interactive Elements

    4. Creating Carousel Posts & Pinned Posts

    5. Creating a Multi-Clip Reel - 3 ways!

    6. Instagram Tutorial

    7. Facebook Tutorial

    1. KPI Tracker

    2. HOTPAW Worksheet

    3. KPI & Engagement Boost List

    4. Amplified Social Post Spreadsheet

    5. Quarterly Social Media To-Do List

About this course

  • $699.00
  • 22 lessons

About This Course

Welcome to the Social Suite Bootcamp! In this course, your host Olivia will be sharing brand new content & updated strategies for Social Media Management in 2024. We'll cover topics like AI, creating reels, using Canva, and more! The key is to invest time in each module to apply your learnings to your own social media pages. This will improve your skills and help you to create better content. This course lists the lid on our agency's social media process, so you can learn how we create, manage, and execute our own business's social media posts and track your results. Get ready to level up your social media game!